About Dr. Bloom

Kayla Bloom, Doctor of Audiology, founded Back Mountain Hearing Care to provide hearing services to those in and around her hometown. Her goal is provide exceptional and affordable hearing loss treatment and services, because as someone with hearing loss she understands the difficulty of living with hearing loss and how difficult it can be financially.

HEARING is a very import sense; Dr. Bloom believes the sense of hearing should be accessible to everyone. 

Dr. Bloom was born with hearing loss but was not diagnosed until the age of 5, at which time she was fit with her first set of hearing aids. She admired what her audiologists did for her, with their care she was able to flourish socially and academically. Dr. Bloom obtained a bachelors degree in Speech Pathology from Marywood University and a Doctorate of Audiology from Bloomsburg University.

Dr. Bloom has worked in ENT and private practice settings. She discovered the private practice setting allowed her to spend more time to counselling and educate her patients. Due to Dr. Bloom’s personal experience with hearing loss she is better able to understand the day to day difficulties of living with hearing loss and therefore is better able to counsel and treat the hearing loss.

Dr. Bloom’s philosophy on treating hearing loss goes beyond simply purchasing a hearing aid. She believes that the relationship you have with your hearing health care provider plays a much larger role. If you are not comfortable with your provider you are less likely to share the difficulties you are having. Your provider needs to know about any difficulties you are having in order to fix them. 


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