Hearing Device Selection & Fitting

Once a hearing evaluation has been completed treatment options will be discussed. If it is determined that hearing aids are the best course of treatment, you and your audiologist will work together to determine which hearing device will best suit your hearing loss and lifestyle. 

Hearing Device Selection

1. Review Hearing Device Options:

Technology Levels:

Premium Level Hearing Aids

High demand on your hearing - group situations with noise

Monaural $2555 | Binaural $4675

Moderate Level Hearing Aids

Moderately complex listening situations - Moderate levels of noise, mostly one-on-one conversations.

Monaural $2155 | Binaural $3875

Basic Level Hearing Aids

Appropriate for mostly quiet environments

Monaural $1880 | Binaural $3325

Essential Level Hearing Aids

Very minimal features to help in background noise.

Monaural $1215 | Binaural $2295

Prices include fitting fees ($555 for monaural fitting; $675 for binaural fitting).

Monaural = 1 hearing aid, Binaural = 2 hearing aids.

The fitting fee includes: consultation fee with or without at-home trial, real-ear verification (to confirm hearing aid(s) programming is optimal), dispensing fees, fitting and orientation fees, and a 6 month care plan (includes follow-up services, 10 domes, 12 filters, and 60 batteries).

Additional Costs for Rechargeability, some Direct to Bluetooth Streaming features, Earmolds, and Accessories.

Choose the hearing aid style:

This decision will depend on the degree and type of hearing loss, patient's vision and dexterity abilities, and patient's lifestyle needs. Your audiologist will help you decide which style will work best for you.

3. Take Measurements and/or Impressions:

Depending on the hearing aid style chosen, impressions of the ear may need to be taken. This will be done for custom hearing aids or earmolds.

Measurements are taken to determine speaker length for Receiver-in-the-Ear hearing aids. 

4. Care Plan Selection:

While hearing aids are an import part of hearing loss treatment, the follow-up care is just as important. If your hearing aids do not fit properly, are not programmed appropriately, or are not well maintained you will not receive the maximum benefit from them. Hearing aids are an investment, just like a car is, so the maintenance is an important step. 

Dr. Bloom's goal is to make hearing devices more accessible for to those with hearing loss. This is why we have priced our hearing aids so they are more financially feasible than most of our competitors. We do not believe that you should have to go without hearing aids simply because you cannot afford the "bundled" pricing that our competitors use. "Bundled" pricing means follow-up services and supplies are included in the purchase price. Because there is no way to know how many follow-up visits a patient will actually use, often times the mark up on the hearing aids covers significantly more than the average person will use. So someone that only returns for their routines 6 months appointments will never get their money's worth in follow-up visits. 

At Back Mountain Hearing Care we give you the option:

We include 6 months unlimited hearing aid services, 10 domes, 12 filters, and 60 batteries with the purchase of any hearing aid. We do this to get you through the adjustment period without any worries. Also, all hearing aids come with 3 years repair, loss and damage warranties.

You may purchase our Care Plan(s) up to 6 months after purchasing your hearing aids.

3 Years Supplies Plan

This care plan provides you with hearing aid supplies (batteries, domes, filters) for 3 years. This does not include follow-up hearing aid services.

$150 per device

3 Year Supplies & Services Plan

This care plan provides unlimited hearing aid services and supplies for 3 years.

Can be purchase 1 year at a time ($300 per year) or all at once (for a savings of $100)

1 Year = $300

2 Years = $600

3 Years = $800

5 Year Supplies & Services

This is the care plan of all care plans. It provides:

  • Unlimited hearing aid services for 5 years

  • One additional year of repair warranty coverage (totaling 4 years)

  • Unlimited Batteries for 5 years

  • 5 Years worth of domes and filters

  • $200 discount toward the early upgrade of a set of hearing aids (must be used prior to 4 years)

    Monaural $1600 | Binaural $2000

Hearing Device Fitting

Once your hearing device is delivered to our office if will be programmed to your specific hearing loss. 

When you return for your hearing aid fitting the hearing aid(s) will be placed in your ears to check the fit. The sound settings of the hearing aid(s) will be checked and verified using a combination of your personal preference and Real Ear Measures. Real Ear Measurements are performed by inserting a small tube with the hearing aid into the ear canal. An auditory stimulus is presented, usually a speech passage, all you have to do is listen quietly while the computer measures how much sound is reaching your eardrum. Depending on the situation further testing may be completed in the sound booth.

You will be instructed and practice inserting and removing the hearing aid(s) from you ear(s), changing the batteries, and cleaning the hearing aid(s). 

A 1 to 2 week follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

The follow-up appointment is a good time to tell your audiologist the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hearing aids usually are not perfect after the first appointment. Everyone's hearing loss affects them differently, their listening needs, expectations, and environments are so different, therefore, adjustments are usually needed during the first couple months after the initial fitting. Also, most of the time the hearing loss was acquired gradually over many years, so bringing all the sounds back up to perceivable levels can be a shock to the system. In these cases the hearing aids are usually programmed below the prescription for comfort and gradually increased over time.

If for any reason you would like to return the hearing aid(s), you have 30 days from the purchase date to do so (this is required by the state of Pennsylvania).

After the adjustment period it is best to return every 6 months to have your ears checked for wax and your hearing aids cleaned and checked.

What to expect after your Hearing Device Fitting?

There is always an adjustment period with hearing aids, whether it is your first time wearing hearing aids or you've been wearing hearing aids for 5+ years. During this adjustment period things will sound different or strange. Faint background sounds will stand out to you, such as your refrigerator turning on, turn signal clicking, or your dog's toenails clicking as they walk across the floor. As you adjust to hearing these sounds, by wearing your hearing aids all day everyday, these sounds will fall to the background again. Also things may sound tinny, this is the high frequencies (clarity) being heard. If you have had a high frequency hearing loss for many years these are foreign sounds to your brain so things may sound sharp, hissy, or tinny. This will sound natural as you adjust to hearing these frequencies again.